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Variety of Wheelchair Types

Variety of Wheelchair Types

The wheelchair is designed and made for individuals who do not have the capability to walk. It is a chair that is designed with two wheels located at the back, and two smaller wheels positioned at the front. The wheelchair can be moved forward by another individual from the back.

It might be powered by a motor, and it can also be shifted by the individual or patient who is in the wheelchair. The wheelchair includes handles at the back so that it can be easily pushed.

Wheelchairs allow and energize patients who have experienced disability to finally become mobile again. Individuals who do not have the capacity to walk, due to age, physical condition, or accidents, can use a wheelchair to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Here are the different kinds of wheelchairs. Remember that in selecting a wheelchair, you should keep in mind the comfort of the patient and only choose the best. The differences in wheelchair designs are normal, considering each and every patient has varying needs and preferences.

General wheelchair

This kind of wheelchair is the most standard in the industry. It includes a metal frame that can be folded, and sling supports for the seats and the back. You will typically see this kind of wheelchair in hospitals. Its design has progressed bit by bit through the years, and these days it is even safer to use this kind of wheelchair. It is now more flexible when it comes to accommodating the needs of the patient.

The wheel variations that this kind of design offers allow patients to go anywhere they please. It can be used alone or it can be pushed by another individual. It is considered by many as one of the most flexible and versatile wheelchair designs made.

Manual or self-propelled wheelchair

The manual type is particularly designed to provide the patient more freedom. It can be pushed by the patient himself, hence the self-propelled tag. This kind of wheelchair employs bigger wheels so patients can easily access them and push themselves from one location to another. Several manual wheelchairs even use designs that offer the patient the capability to go up and down the stairs without any help.

A number of individuals have modified and improved designs of the manual chair. It was added with features which allow any patient with a debility to push themselves. This kind is also the choice for people who want to do things by themselves.

Motorized wheelchair

The motorized wheelchair, as its name implies, operates with the use of a motor. It does not require the manual exertions of the patient to allow the wheelchair to move. This kind is deemed by many as the most convenient among wheelchair types.

Even though it does not include that sense of achievement that manual/self-propelled wheelchairs bring, the motorized wheelchair indeed has its advantages over other kinds. A high-tech motorized wheelchair is something that can boost the confidence of a patient too.

Even though the motorized kind has a higher price point than standard wheelchairs, the technology involved and added to this kind of chair is worth it though. Because of such features, using a motorized wheelchair makes mobility easier and more comfortable for the patient.

Reclining wheelchair

If the patient spends great amounts of time in a wheelchair, or they are required to be put in a horizontal position, this kind of wheelchair will be more convenient for them. However, this type is usually heavy, thus, it cannot be easily transported from one location to another.

Transport wheelchair

This kind of wheelchair is used from time to time. It is ultra-light and portable, thus, it can be carried in your vehicle. However, this type of wheelchair is not manual or self-propelled. The patient needs another individual to push the chair, or they might have to employ their feet to take them from place to place.

Sports wheelchair

This is the wheelchair designed for individuals who want to participate in their favorite sports. It can be easily maneuvered to make playing sports like basketball easier.

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