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MedMobile Self Transport Folding Wheelchair Review

MedMobile Self Transport Folding Wheelchair Review

The self-propelled wheelchair is considered by many as a better option when it comes to factors like price points and portability. For instance, an individual recuperating from a fractured leg only requires a temporary need for support.

Purchasing a manual or self-propelled wheelchair could be a more economical move compared to renting a wheelchair. A self-propelled wheelchair is a model that is ideal for patients who want to be more independent and will not need the help of a companion.

If you are looking for a self-propelled model, you are in luck as this article will review MedMobile’s Self Transport Folding Wheelchair.

Let’s learn more about the product and discuss whether the model has the features and value you need.


  • Includes elevating and removable footrests
  • Includes removable desk armrest
  • Includes 8” front casters and expanded 24” rear wheel with soft-grip tires
  • Has total measurements of 36”H x 27” W x 30” D
  • Has seat to floor height of 19”
  • Has 18” x 16” black nylon upholstered seat
  • Has total weight of 49 lbs.
  • Accommodates up to 250 lbs. of weight
  • Includes lifetime frame warranty and 1 year on all parts


Medline’s Self Transport Folding Wheelchair is designed from prime, durable steel material, and it can accommodate individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. The chair is lightweight at a mere 40 pounds. The unit provides riders an extensive range of options from desk-type armrests to elevating removable footrests.

Apart from these features, the seat and the back are composed of nylon material. It can be folded, too, like any other manual wheelchair. The legs and the arms can be taken away to make transferring or storing the item easier.

It has flat-free tires which mean the tires are quite solid on their own. A great many customers actually prefer model since they find the whole chair comfortable to use. There were a good number of customers, too, who agreed that the design and the construction of the model were excellent.

The general reaction to the wheelchair is that the item includes all of the features needed by a user. When it comes to structural integrity, the model presents a maximum load capacity that is higher compared to other rival manual wheelchairs.

The unit also provides a great selection of arm and leg options. The seat height can be adjusted freely and this factor is especially crucial for some customers. The chair is capable of rolling and turning itself smoothly, and the larger wheels at the back were a nice plus.

The chair has a hand bar located outside of the bigger wheels so you can push yourself with one hand without it coming into contact with grimy wheels.

The wheelchair also features rear-wheel locks which are positioned up front on both sides, and they are pretty easy to work on and manage. You can move the levers forward to lock the wheels whenever you need to stand on a single foot to reach for an item.

Folding and opening the wheelchair is also easy to do since you only have to squeeze the chair together, or pull the sides back away from each other. Lastly, a lot of customers appreciated that it was light enough so you can transport or load the wheelchair into an automobile easier.


This manual wheelchair has gathered plenty of rave reviews but there was also a good number who complained that the unit has an objectionable rubber scent that did not wear off for a time. Some said that the smell lasted for weeks.


The Medline Self Transport Folding Wheelchair is strong, competitive wheelchair, and it belongs on the list of the industry’s best.

This model is recommended if you are looking for a manual wheelchair that is light, functional, easy to work with, compact and travel friendly. This is a self-propelled wheelchair that provides plenty of value for your money.

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