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Giantex 24-inch Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Review

Giantex 24-inch Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Review

If you are looking for a wheelchair that is lightweight and highly portable, then a folding wheelchair is a requirement. It is a good choice for the disabled and elderly who do a lot of moving since the chair can be easily placed in the vehicle while traveling.

While stiffer, more hardwearing wheelchairs are available on the market, these kinds of wheelchairs will not provide the similar convenient features of a folding wheelchair. The folding wheelchair, if not in use, can be folded up and stored in the vehicle or your home. It is also a nicer option for individuals who live in smaller homes or apartment.

This article will provide you with an example of one such folding wheelchair. We will review what makes this Giantex Lightweight Folding Wheelchair a must for anyone who needs assistance with moving around.


  • Designed and manufactured from PVC and steel materials
  • Front wheel has a diameter of 8” while back wheel is 24”
  • Has a folding size of 42” x 16” x 34”
  • Has a seat size of 19.6” x 16.1”
  • Backrest has a size of 19.6” x 17.7”
  • Has seat to floor dimensions of 17”
  • Can accommodate up to 250 lbs. of weight
  • Has total weight of 39 lbs.


Giantex’s Lightweight Folding Wheelchair means the chair is foldable; measured against standard stiff wheelchairs that are not collapsible, many have viewed the foldable or collapsible wheelchair as the better choice due to their portability and lighter weight.

The model’s parts and wheelchair seats can be folded down into a compressed form, thus making it easy to store in the trunk of a car or a storage space at home. The foldable structure of this particular wheelchair is, in fact, a new standard in the wheelchair industry.

The folding features that go with this wheelchair type have become a popular choice for many disabled who want to use a lighter wheelchair that can also be collapsed or folded for convenience’s sake, and to maximize the period it takes to accomplish your everyday routines.

This kind of wheelchair also features a selection of moving components, thus fixing the chair is made easier compared to stiff traditional wheelchairs. The additional parts at times can add up on its weight, but these components should not dwarf the convenience of being capable of collapsing and folding it up and placing into storage areas.

Customers who were satisfied with their Giantex purchase shared that is able to fit capably through regular doors. Most appreciated that the item can be folded up easily, and it weighs roughly 39 pounds so it is a light chair that you can easily pick up, carry and put into the trunk of any vehicle for travel.

It is well manufactured, and it also includes padded armrests for more comfort. Others said that the chair was ideal for normal wear out of doors on solid surfaces. It has nice spoke, chrome-looking wheels which add a nice touch to the overall look of the chair.


However, models like this one from Giantex might not be for every disabled person. Because of the design, a foldable wheelchair is not as stable compared to the rigid standard wheelchairs.

Moving and turning in a quick manner will induce the frame of the chair to flex and budge, and this can lead to faster wear and tear as well. Thus this is not a chair for those who are into playing sports while using a wheelchair.


Many agreed that the Giantex 24-inch Lightweight Folding Wheelchair is an affordable option that it lightweight and easy to manage. If you are looking for a wheelchair that’s convenient for travel, then this one is for you since it can be folded down for transporting.

It is worth the money and presents great value for it. It is a pre-assembled unit that speaks highly of comfort and functionality. Recommended for those who seek a collapsible/foldable model.

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